misodiko Round 110mm Replacement Cushions Ear Pads for AKG K550 K551 K553 MKII MK2/ Monoprice Modern Retro, Monolith M1060/ ATH AD1000X AD900X AD700X A700X A900X A990Z/ Samson SR850 SR950/ Hifiman HE-400i HE-560/ MDR-MA900, Headphones Repair Parts Earpads

Color: Black
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Compatible with (but not limited to):
-AKG K550, K551, K553 MK II
-Audio-Technica ATH- AD1000X AD2000X AD900X AD700X AD500X  A500 A500X A700 A900X A990Z W1000 Headphones
-Hifiman HE-400i HE-560
-Monoprice Modern Retro, Monolith M1060 
-Pioneer SE-A1000
-Samson SR850, SR950
-Sony MDR-MA900
-Superlux 668B, HD-681 EVO
-Koss UR30
and many more...


Who would have thought that by just replacing the earpads of your headphones, you get to listen to your favorite music or watch your most awaited movie with great precision and clear sounds. The misodiko Premium Noise Cancelling Memory Foam Earpads has got what you need and more!

Stop using your old and worn-out ear pads and replace them with these brand new and high quality pads that's just right for you. They are designed to not only give you comfort but also has the ability to block out noise and coming from your surroundings.

They are Easy to Install, so please don't settle on using your old and worn out ear pads. Replace them, Or better yet, upgrade your headphones when you get the misodiko Premium Ear Cushions. You can be sure that what you get is a high quality and durable earpads that can last you a long time.

There is no time to wait. Grab one of these premium earpads today!

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