misodiko Replacement Headbands Cushions Pads for Beyerdynamic DT 770 860 880 990 PRO/ Sennheiser HD380 HD600 HD650/ ATH-M50/ Grado SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, SR325, RS2/ SONY MDR-V6 V600/ SHURE SRH 840 440 / Monoprice | Headphones Repair Cover Parts

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This is not the original pad for any headphone, but it can fit on most headphones.
And it is a great low cost option to refresh aging headphones.

Made from PU Leather and soft foam padding.
Use as a replacement or upgrade headband pad for improving the wearing comfort.

Easy to install:
Stretch out to cover the original headband and locks in place with snap buttons, and it will fit rather tightly.
(for a better fit with some headphones, the original headband cushion should be removed first.)

Material: Protein Leather, Sponge Foam
Folded Dimension: 205 x 30mm / 8" x 1.18"
Unfolded Dimension: 205 x 93mm / 8" x 3.66"

Compatible with (but not limited to):
-Audio-Technica ATH-M50, ATH-M40, ATH-M30, ATH-M70, ATH-MSR7;
- Beyerdynamic DT440 DT660 DT770 DT860 DT880 DT880PRO DT990 DT990PRO DT531 DT551 DT690 DT801 DT811 DT911 DT931 T5P T70 T90;
- GRADO SR60, SR80, SR125, SR225, SR325, RS1, RS2, PS500, PS1000, GS1000 (i/e model);
- SENNHEISER HD380, HD525, HD535, HD545, HD565, HD580, HD600, HD650, HD699, PXC150;
- DENON AH-D2000 D5000 D7000 D1100;
- SONY MDR-V6 V600;
- SHURE SRH240 SRH440 SRH840;
- Monoprice 8323 8324 8325;